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MY LIFE WITH DOSTOEVSKY - WINNER of Best New Play (based on a foreing material) 2021 by CPHCULTURE in Feb. 2022


In English translation

'In the role of Dostoevsky's both independent and all-sacrificing stenographer and muse, the sparkling actress Mira Noltenius is seen with confidential eyes, up-done braids and a pertinent voice'.


Audio Book Reel 2020 (in Danish) - by Mira Noltenius
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Mira Noltenius Cartoon Voice Reel - Cartoon Voice Reel by Mira Noltenius
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Anmeldelse Skoene ved floden Information nov. 2022

A Confiscated life
In English translation:
’The most important though is that at The World’s Smallest Theatre it has also succeeded the actress Mira Noltenius to act just as fresh and unaffected and spontaneous as the words of the diary. She acts so humble and particular – with the main characters’ library work as a meticulous part of her hand movements. You can almost see, how her hands have written thousands of library cards and put the books in perfect order. The 30 year old Mira Noltenius is educated in New York and has worked in Ireland and Scotland. She is smilingly fair and Nordic to look at, but her identification with the French sister is striking.’

by Anne Middelboe in Information

Hinsides - Beyond
’The relatively unknown Mira Noltenius really has a breakthrough in the role of the mentally ill woman, who spends much of her life in various Copenhagen institutions around 1900. We meet her stretched out on a narrow bed, and learn of her daily hardships here. But above all, we get a glimpse of a both sensitive and sick mind, and a natural sense of what it means to be in psychiatric treatment at the time. Mira Noltenius uses her resources cleverly and refined, wavering between the sensitive and the menacing. Above all, she communicates the author's poetic language in such a way, that we leave the theater with the sensation, that Helga Johansen were perhaps not so crazy after all.’

I Know My Own Heart
'A very demure young Danish maiden (Mira Noltenius) beautifully plays the part of Lister's main love interest, Marianne Brown.’
Danielle Malone in
‘Mira Noltenius was a beautiful Marianne – the object of desire – she has a depth and emotional reach that impresses.’

by Gordon Farrell in Scene city

Instruction Manual

'Once inside (Mira Lagoni Noltenius) Starts a pretty abstract series of “Instructions for Living” – how to cry, sing, comb your hair, climb a staircase, wind a watch. (…) Not for everyone but a refreshing and inspiring step outside normality’

by Sally Stott in the scotsman

Hinsides - Beyond

In English translation:

’In the tiny theatre house at The King's Garden, the actress Mira Noltenius chisels every word in the air. As if her voice writes the word, with all letters carefully included – as from the idea, that all words must be granted equal justice. Her voice is both gentle and chattering at the same time, and she manages to speak to us spectators, who just sit a few feet away, so we understand, that she would talk this way also if she was all alone. Also if she would be allowed to take the opium she has withdrawal symptoms from. The staging shows a fine point in the actor's consistent linguistic chanting. Precisely that the monotonous voice gets the spectator to slide completely into the woman's meditative thought current and trapped life where time dissolves.(…) The 36-year-old Mira Noltenius has a spectacular balance between the voice and the body in the white nightgown and soul heater. As an actress, she works mostly abroad, and she has participated in several of the Odin Theatre projects. The first time she appeared at ‘The World's Smallest Theatre’, was in 2009 with the performance ‘A Confiscated Life’ as Hélène Berr. And it is powerful to see how she unfolds as a performer, and both enlarge and reduce her physical expression. When she in ‘Hinsides – Beyond’ gets fixated with a straitjacket by the nursing staff, it is with the slightest twitches of the body. Nevertheless it causes maximum nausea in the viewer. Not the least because the straightjacket apparently only is necessary, because the woman has been forcibly medicated with a drug-overdose.’ by Anne Middelboe christensen in information

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