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conservatory training

2022 Shoes by Danube, Lilly. Music by Anders Koppel. Written & Dir. by Ulla Koppel, The Stage - Valby, DK
2021 My Life with Dostoevsky, Anna Dostoevskaya. Written & Dir. by Ulla Koppel, The Russian House, DK
2020 The Wedding-Magazine, the Bride Lilly. Written & Dir. by Ulla Koppel, Verdens Mindste Teater, DK
2017 Merian, Maria Sibylla Merian. Written & Dir. by Ulla Koppel, Verdens Mindste Teater, DK
2015 Misty Gaze will Amaze - 100 years of Women's Right to Vote, dir. Mira Noltenius, Bådteatret, DK
2015 Beyond, Helga Johansen. Dir. Ulla Koppel, Verdens Mindste Teater, DK
2014 KISS, Little Troubled Girl. Dir. Gabriella Sacco, Deslang Art Space, Amsterdam, NL
2013 Tempus, Aniara. Dir. Angelina Kalahari, Tristan Bates Theatre, London, GB
2012 Nightflier, The Nightflier. Dir. Ulla Koppel, Verdens Mindste Teater, in a Bunker in the King's Garden in CPH, DK
2011 Out of Proportion - A Monologue for Survival, Eva. Dir. Ulla Koppel, Verdens Mindste Teater. DK
2011 The Clooney Brothers: Mini-Tour, as Bjarne, The Clooney Bros. prod. Teatret Møllen, Nordkraft, DK
2010 The Cellist of Sarajevo, the sniper 'The Arrow'. Dir. Ulla Koppel, Verdens Mindste Teater. DK
2010 A Confiscated Life, Monologue, Hélène Berr, 1942- 44. Dir. Ulla Koppel, Verdens Mindste Teater. DK
2009 Danish Dramatic Debut, rehearsed reading competition ’Døden gned fiolen’, Teater V. DK
2009 A Confiscated Life, Monologue, Hélène Berr, 1942- 44. Dir. Ulla Koppel, Verdens Mindste Teater. DK
2009 The Clooney Brothers: Who has the most furrr in the drawer??!, Bjarne, Bådteatret & Husets Teater, DK
2009 Jasonites! Project #2, Polly G. 1 month street theatre & interventions for Odin Teatret, Holstebro, DK
2009 The Clooney Brothers Show, Bjarne Ymer Henriksen, Clooney Brothers Prod. In co-operation w. Bådteatret, DK
2008 Jasonites! Project #1, Polly G. 3 weeks street-performance i Turin, Italy
2008 Instruction Manual, Amletto, Dir. Roberto Aldorasi, Questi fantasmi & sons prod. Edinburgh Fringe Festival, GB
2008 The Marriage of Medea, Jasonite, Dir. Eugenio Barba, Odin Teatret, Holstebro, DK
2006 Twelfth Night in St. Stephen’s Green Park, Feste. Dir. Kristian Marken, Public Shakespeare. Dublin, IRL
2006 Location, Location, Location, supporting role, The Teachers Club, Ourclann Prod. Dublin, IRL
2006 The Lady from the Sea, rehearsed reading, Dublin Shakespeare Society in The Teachers Club. Dublin, IRL
2006 I Know My Own Heart, Marianne, Dir. Clare Mc Quaid, DAYM’s prod. The Larkin Theatre. Dublin, IRL
2005 The Comedy of Errors in St. Stephen’s Green Park, Dromio of Syracuse. Dir. Kristian Marken, Public Shakespeare. Dublin
2005 Harlequin’s lesson in love, Fairy. Dir. Caroline Staunton. The Focus Theatre. Dublin, IRL
2004 24h BURN, Detective. Dir. Adam Adams, One Arm Red Theatre, Brooklyn NYC, USA

member of

Danish Actors' Association

Danish Film Academy
Equity in the UK
Founding Member of The Actors Society in USA

Fluent in Danish and English
Trained in General American + American dialects, English RP and some Irish
Good knowledge of the Scandinavian languages and dialects
Some Italian, German, French.
Learning Greek.

hEIGHT 165cm  Hair Blond
Build Medium   Eyes Blue

Graduated from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York in 2004.

film, tv & commercials

2020 Good Morning Buns, Short film, Lead as Maj, Dir. Mikkel Husted Mørup Trøffel Prod. DK
2019 Not just for the laughs, Short film, Mette, Dir. Mikkel Husted Mørup Trøffel Prod. DK

2019 Family Luncheon, Short film, Lisbeth, Dir. Julie Birkeskov, Potemkin Film School. DK

2018 Brazil is in Denmark, Short film, 7 supp. roles, Dir. Bilal Nazir & Adam Jagd, Potemkin Film School. DK

2018 Commercial for Beierholm Revision, Lead as Café owner. Kunde & Co Production, DK

2011 Commercial for Schlecker, The Mother. Dir. Niels Gråbøl. 539090 Production, Hamburg, Germany
2011 The Romantic Killer, Short film, Romantic Girl. Dir. Phillip Berg, Grand Theme & Eye Candy Film, DK
2010 Commercial for IKEA, The Hostess. Dir. Niels Gråbøl. Roadmap Institute, DK
2010 Paris, Short film, Kristina. Dir. Thomas Porsager. Copenhagen Film & Foto School, DK
2008 The Fearless Ivan, Short film, Alise. Dir. Thomas Østgaard, Beofilm, DK
2008 Comeback, Feature film, cameo as Gitte. Dir. Ulrik Wivel, Nordisk Film, DK
2007 Becoming Jane, Feature film, Whore , un-credited. Dir. Julian Jarrold, HanWay Films, IRL
2006 The Tiger's Tail, Feature Film, Drunk girl, - un-credited. Dir. John Boorman, Irish Film Board, IRL
2006 Waitress in the soap-series Fair City for RTÉ, June 06, in IRL
2006 Eastern European Bride for Prime Time for RTÉ, IRL
2006 Main part in psychological short film thriller Blackness by Magic Glass Prod. IRL
2006 Main part in electronic music video Quarters for Rorshakk, The Pixel Factory. IRL
2005 Main part as Johanna in short film Farewell. The Cantankerous Prod. IRL
2003 Araki, Short film, Carina. Dir. Anders Morgenthaler, The Danish Film School, DK


2022 Drama Scene Study w. Keith Chappelle, DK
2017-19 Meisner & Method Actor's Master Classes w. Kirk
 in Copenhagen, Odsherred, and in Munich

2017 Meisner Workshop w. Sarah Boberg, DK

2016 Beckett Master Class by Morten Grunwald, DK
2015 Presence Masterclass by voice coach Patsy Rodenburg, DK
2015 Filmtraining w. Mads Kamp Thulstrup, DK
2014 The Close-up w. David Penn, DK
2012 Screen Acting w. Mel Churcher, London
Shakespeare Acting w. Bill Homewood, London

2011 Filmacting Seminar at The European Film College in Ebletoft

2010 Film acting & Improvisation w. Jonas Elmer, DK

2010 Directors & Actors in Rehearsal, by Mark Travis, DK

2007 Film acting w. Claus Ploug, DK

2004-05 Acting & Improvisation w. Ilse Rande, DK


2012-13 Burlesque Performance w. London Academy of
 & Burlesque Baby Academy, London

2012-13 Various Lindy-Hop & Charlston dance classes, London

2008 The Jasonite Family workshop, at Odin Teatret, Holstebro, DK

2008 Mask and movement w. Finn Hesselager, DK

2007 How to ‘act’ like a man, Transgender workshop, DK

2007 Odin Week Course at Odin Teatret, Holstebro DK

2007 Clowning Course w. Gino Samil in DK

2005 Contact Improvisation w. Wolfgang Hoffmann, Dublin

2005 Commedia dell’Arte w. Mitch Mitchelson, Dublin

Book, readings & other performances

2021 Shorter performances of My Life with Dostoevsky for the bicentenery festival of Dostoevsky at the opening of the festival, at Assistens Cemetary and at various festival-salons in The Russian House, DK

2020 Reading of poems by the Danish authors Kirsten Thorup & Inger Christensen at HUSET-KBH, DK
2020 Voice to the character Fiolxhilde in i-F a new voice art-installation created by artist Theresa Himmer,  opened on Feb. 1st at The Vermilon Sands Exhibition, DK
2019 Readings from the books of American Author Siri Hustvedt at The Royal Liberary, DK
2011- 2018 Readings at festivals curated by Michael Svennevig: Danish PenTheatre days at Vesterbro, Pictures of Life, DK
2013 Burlesque performances in The Burlesque Baby Graduation Show and Burlesque Idol at Madame Jojos

and The Burlesque Baby Starlet Show at The Empire Casino in Soho, and in Miss C's Opium Den, London, GB
2011 Performed & curated The Best Love & Drunken Poems w. Christine Kjærulff at the Poetical Bureau, DK


2020 Audio Book Recording Workshop, by Karsten Pharao, DK
2019 Voice in Motion, by Naja Månsson, DK

2017 Podcast - Hands on w. Ole Fugl Hørkilde, DK
2017 Speak & Dubbing Introduction+Advanced w. Lars Thiesgaard
2012 3 month voice workshop by Angelina Kalahari, London
2002-04 Voice & Speech Training by Scott Miller, NYC

Casting- & film acting Workshop w. Caster Anja Philip, DK
2012 Blank Handguns - Fire Arms Workshop w. RC-Annie, London

2012 Horse Riding for Actors, Warwich, GB
2010 Casting Couse, by Lene Beyer, DK

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